Abe & Sakata Legal Professional Corporation

Abe & Sakata Legal Professional Corporation

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Our Brief History

October 1967 The late Mr. Shiro Abe (1931-1989) established this office in the name of Shiro Abe Law Office.
June 1989 Renamed to Abe, Mine & Sakata upon death of Mr. Shiro Abe.
July 1994 Renamed to Abe & Sakata.
June 2017 Incorporated as Abe & Sakata Legal Professional Corporation.

Our Policy in Handling Clients’ Matters


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Our mission is to protect the legitimate interests of our Clients.

Whenever we are referred to a new matter, therefore, we shall first strictly confirm it does not contain any conflict of interests with our existing Clients’ ones before taking an instruction.

To sharply understand the relevant facts at an early stage is of an utmost importance in dealing with any matters. We shall make best endeavor to investigate and find not only good evidence but also bad evidence to find them. After finding the relevant facts matrix – which are yet prima facie facts since we do not have access to information in the opponent’s side at that stage, though –, we shall evaluate them by applying relevant law, including case law and/or academic views, to form an strategy for the solution. If the existing law does not appear to lead us to an appropriate or reasonable solution for the Client, we shall further try to form our own legal theory applicable to the matter.
After taking into account information obtained from the opponent’s side in the course of handling the matter, if any, we shall further find a more solid set of facts, and eventually, we shall make endeavor to reach the best solution for our Clients under the circumstances.

Firm Details

Name Abe & Sakata Legal Professional Corporation
Address 9th Floor, Yusen Building,
3-2, Marunouchi 2-Chome, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan
TEL +81-3-3284-0291 +81-3-3284-0291
FAX +81-3-3285-0450
Membership Tokyo Bar Association
Japan Shipping Exchange, Inc.
Association of Average Adjusters of Japan